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Risk & Compliance


Reduce risk and ensure compliance through the detection of money laundering and terrorist financing activity.

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Data Quality


Achieve highly accurate and reliable data to drive your business.

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Master Data Management


Rapidly synchronize data across the enterprise for a single view.

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Accuracy. Insight. Trust.

Innovative Systems has been pioneering the changing world of data management since 1968. With decades of experience and an obsession with delivering only the highest quality, most reliable data, we help our clients unlock the most value from their data, discover potential opportunities, uncover hidden risks, and propel their business forward. For this reason, leading organizations  worldwide have trusted Innovative Systems with their most valuable asset — their data. We invite you to see for yourself.

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Multi-National Insurance and Asset Management Company Reduces False Positives Threefold, Increases Efficiency, and Decreases Costs through a Consolidated AML Compliance Process

Industry Solutions

To remain competitive, companies need timely access to accurate and reliable data to provide them with the insights they need. Innovative Systems has been serving a variety of industries for many decades and delivering the most trustworthy data to help companies make better decisions.

  • Banking

    Take complete control of your customer data. Identify risk. Uncover opportunity. See the full picture.
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  • Financial Services

    Maintain accurate information about customers to stay ahead of competition and minimize risk.
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  • Insurance

    Achieve accurate and complete enterprise data to develop insightful broker and customer analytics.
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  • Oil Pattern Zippered with Hoodie Long Painting Sleeves Pockets Trendy Colorful Healthcare

    Navigate the complex structure of today's healthcare systems with comprehensive and accurate data.
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  • Communications & Telecom

    Use customer data more effectively to offer a better customer experience and improve operational efficiency. Learn More

  • Casinos & Online Gaming

    Enhance guest satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.
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  • Retail

    Enhance targeting with more personalized offers and ensure departments have accurate data across all channels.
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  • Charities/NGO

    Meet donation goals and ensure safe operation through accurate data and effective compliance screening.
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Business Solutions

Each business challenge or function has its own unique data management needs. Innovative Systems offers a diverse and flexible set of software and services adaptable to your specific needs.

Customer Onboarding

Establish accurate customer data, run compliance lists checks, and validate ID documents in a single process.

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Data-Driven Marketing

Ensure your marketing efforts are based on an accurate, reliable and complete picture of your customer.

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CRM Data Management

Maintain accurate CRM data for better marketing, customer service and regulatory compliance.

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Application Migration

Implement large migration projects with precision and speed.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Eliminate frequent delays and risks to increase the ROI through better integration technology and more accurate data.

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Risk & Compliance

Manage risk, reduce losses, and comply with AML regulations with our industry-leading solutions.

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Credit Loss & Fraud Prevention

Detect clues to credit risk and fraudster activity and identify the real risk or value of a customer.

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FATCA Compliance

Accurately identify U.S. customers and beneficial owners to efficiently comply with FATCA.

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GDPR Compliance

Intelligent GDPR compliance across the full spectrum of your data

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Your Guide to Intelligent GDPR Compliance

It's a data driven world. Let us be your guide.

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