Tue, 25 Jul 2017
6:42 AM
 American Film Market yields great news

AFM was a success!! We are going forward with securing financing for our feature film, " The Man-App". We have created the budget and had our first investor. Eliot Stenzel has hopped on board as our CPA and has created the LLC and we are ready to accept investments. We are selling shares at $5,000 per unit. Still scouting for talent, tune back in often to see who else has attached to the film.

Posted 12/04/2013

Shopping for Talent
 Feature Film in the Works

We have completed our feature script and are currently shopping for talent to appear in our film. We are taking our project to the American Film Market November 2013 to try and test market our feature film.  We are excited to announce that well known character actor, Basil Hoffman has agreed to play Alex's father, Phineas Mossback in our feature film!! Keep checking back to find out what other great actors have joined our cast!!

Posted 9/11/2013